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In June 2020, the AICORE company began cooperation with the medical nutrition manufacturer Laboratoires Grand Fontaine. Since December 2020, our company has started supplying these products to Ukraine.

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine is an international medical company specializing in the research, development and production of medical food products for adults and children aged one year and older. To solve nutritional problems in accordance with medical indications, the company uses scientifically-based approaches and the results of modern research. With its FontActiv® line, Laboratoires Grand Fontaine offers a wide selection of products made with innovative nutrients and ingredients designed to improve the health of patients with various diseases, as well as the elderly. Laboratoires Grand Fontaine products contain a high percentage of proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, a reduced glycemic index, which helps strengthen the immune system and regulate intestinal transit.

FontActiv® products are advanced formulations with natural, great-tasting ingredients to help with malnutrition, dehydration, sarcopenia, diabetes, dysphagia, and many other disorders. FontActiv® is medical nutrition.

The wide range of FontActiv ® includes products for the management of patient nutrition in hospitals and at home.

FontActiv® Complete is a complete nutritional formula with a high content of protein, calories and fiber to maintain activity and physical strength. Available packages: powder in a jar, liquid form in a bottle, or tetrapack.

FontActiv® DiaBest is a complete medical food product with a low glycemic index and a high protein and fiber content for patients who need nutritional support due to metabolic disorders. Available packages: powder in a jar, liquid form in a bottle, or tetrapack.

FontActiv® Junior is a complete and balanced food mixture with fiber. Intended for children aged 1-14 years in case of decreased appetite, intense physical exertion, etc. Available packages: powder in a jar or liquid form in a bottle.

FontActiv® 1.0 and 1.5 are complete, high-energy, high-protein liquid mixtures for dietary correction of malnutrition in critical clinical stages. It is intended for patients undergoing treatment in intensive care units. Available in packages.

FontActiv® medical nutritional products are already available in Ukrainian pharmacies.