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International conference in Ukraine “ERAS program in surgical practice”

The II Ukrainian international conference “ERAS program in surgical practice” was held on February 17-18, 2021 online. More than 400 doctors took part. ERAS protocols (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – accelerated recovery after operations) is a combination of specific evidence-based perioperative strategies that work synergistically and significantly accelerate recovery after surgical intervention.

The main speaker of the conference was Olle Jungqvist – one of the founders of the ERAS program, and professor of surgery at Örebro University. The professor studies responses to surgical stress and how these responses can be modified to help optimize recovery after major operations. Olle Jungqvist also presented ERAS in his TEDx talk in 2017.

At the conference, special attention was paid to the importance of timely nutritional support of patients for faster and better recovery after operations, and a new product on the market of Ukraine – FontActive® – was presented.