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Lecture-Practical Course on Thematic Advancement within the Continuous Postgraduate Education Program “Clinical Nutrition. Basic Course”

From November 10th to 11th, 2023, Aiсorе Consumer Company participated as a co-organizer in a thematic improvement lecture-practical course as part of the continuous postgraduate education program “Clinical Nutrition. Basic Course.” The course was conducted at the premises of the National Scientific Center of Surgery and Transplantology O.O. Shalimov.

During this event, leading experts and scientific collaborators of the institute discussed fundamental topics such as nutritional status, indications, and contraindications for clinical nutrition. Separate sessions focused on the calculation, methods, and regimens of enteral nutrition administration. Practical workshops were conducted on the application of feeding tube systems and enteromats.

This course provided participants from Aiсorе Consumer Company with a comprehensive understanding of clinical nutrition principles and practices. The involvement of leading experts and hands-on workshops aimed to enhance their knowledge and skills in this critical field.