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New deliveries of Apagard & Apadent are already in stock at Aicore Consumer!

Despite complicated logistics and ongoing power outages, the Aicore Consumer company provides regular deliveries of Apagard&Apadent premium oral care products.

As the sole official representative in the territory of Ukraine, we are always looking for opportunities to maintain the reputation of a reliable partner.

With the start of the full-scale war, Aicore Consumer not only supported stable cooperation with partners, but also increased communication in the online channel and physical sales points – dental clinics, cosmetics and personal care stores. In such an active mode of operation, it is important to always have enough Apagard&Apadent products in stock, so those who want to see all the videos from the warehouse are invited to subscribe to our Instagram page – here you will find all the latest news, promotional offers and reviews of satisfied customers.

Regarding issues of partnership in the sale and promotion of Apagard&Apadent products, please make contact via the website.