Normarin Baby

Normarin Baby is a medical product for careful cleansing of the nasal cavity in babies from 2 months, children and adults.

Dry air, sudden changes in temperature, air conditioning, smoke, pollution, allergies and infections can cause nasal hypersecretion or dry mucous membranes. Thanks to its localized mild action, this isotonic nasal spray solves these problems by effectively cleansing and moisturizing the nasal cavity.
The spray is suitable for daily nasal hygiene in children and babies from two months of age, as it cleans the nasal passages of children who are not yet able to blow their noses on their own. In addition, the spray helps to clear the respiratory tract in children and, as a result, ensures restful sleep and facilitates the breathing of babies during their feeding.


Ingredients: sterile physiological (0.9%) sea salt solution with a high content of trace elements and marine minerals.
Age: for children aged 2 months and older.
Frequency of application: according to individual needs. For nasal congestion: in the morning, before eating and before going to bed. As a rule, 2-4 times a day or as recommended by a specialist. Normarin Baby has no restrictions on its use.
Manufacturer: COSMOSOL S.r.l.
Country of manufacture: Italy
Certificate: On conformity of the quality management system № UA.SM. 252-22 dated 05.10.2022