Normarin Sinus

Normarin Sinus is a spray for deep cleansing of the nasal cavity, in the form of a high-tech device, for babies from 2 months, children and adults. Intensive spraying helps to thoroughly rinse and moisturize the nasal cavity. Normarin Sinus is not addictive and can be used together with other medicines.
Regular use of Normarin Sinus helps to reduce the frequency of use of medicines, including topical vasoconstrictors, in patients suffering from rhinitis and sinusitis.

Main arguments:
*Optimal pressure does not damage the nasal mucosa
*Atraumatic actuator for deep washing of the nasal cavity
*European quality
*Safe to use: unlimited duration of use.


Ingredients: natural sterile hypertonic seawater (diluted to 2.3% with purified water).
Age: for children aged 2 months and older and adults.
Frequency of use: according to individual needs. Usually 2-3 times a day or as recommended by the doctor. If necessary, it can be used more often (without restrictions).
Manufacturer: COSMOSOL S.r.l.
Country of manufacture: Italy
Certificate: On conformity of the quality management system № UA.SM. 252-22 dated 10.05.2022